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Bandmill carriage 65 drawings in PDF format

This four post bandmill carriage can cut up to 29 inches in diameter and requires a minimum nine horse Honda engine.  All drawings are included to build this carriage.  A small amount of machining is required.  The tracks for the carriage to run on are not included in this design however they are very simple to build, you ll need two pieces of angle iron and a straight flat surface to mount them
Download bandmill carriage plans

Loader plans in PDF format

Pull behind your pickup and get the logs to your sawmill the easy way.  This log loading trailer can self load and unload, all hydraulic design can be powered off your PTO added to your pickup or perhaps an 18 horse engine, plans come with all drawings needed to build this unit including the log grapple the loader and the trailer. The unit has many uses, the loader can be mounted on your own trailer or pickup truck independent of any trailer
Download Log loader plans

Outdoor wood boiler plans in PDF format

These wood boiler plans are for a round firebox design non-pressurized system.  The wood boiler can be used to heat your shop or home and domestic hot water.  Firebox can except up to 4 foot long logs 16 inches in diameter, this unit is not air injected what can be converted to an air injected model very easily beat the cost of high heating oil prices and get rid of some of your wood waste at the same time
Download Outdoor wood boiler plans

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Log Loader
Bandmill carriage
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Verticle bandmill plans in PDF format

Verticle bandmill design concept, cuts with the blade running verticle, slabs and lumber fall away to the ground, 30 inch cutting capacity.
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Plasma cutting table in PDF format

Build yourself a table to cut complex patterns in a 4x4 sheet of steel use your plasma cutter or oxygen and acetylene torch to easily trace a pattern and accurately cut it out of steel
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Bandmill blade repair Jig in PDF format

Build a bandmill blade repair jig and learn how to repair your broken bandmill blades, step by step instructions with photos on how to weld your blades back together if they are broken
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